Sports Day

This afternoon P1,P2/3 and P3/4 had our Sports Day. There were 4 races- flat race,hoop and hurdle, beanbag on a bat and long race(1 lap of the Primary football pitch).Everyone did their best and it was great to see the classes outside together,albeit in their class bubbles.Well done P3/4!


Busy bees!

On Thursday we looked at deciding which of our spelling words were nouns/verbs/adjectives,as well as counting the sounds to spell our words.

Later on we had P.E.We practised throwing underarm using small balls to a partner and into a tray,,a large ball across a circle ,overarm past a marker and to hit a hurdle.I was very impressed by the class’s throwing skills!


Today we had Kodaly with Rosalind Smyth.We learn action rhymes and games.Ask your child(ren) about “Mrs White saw a ghost eating toast” and the Robbers rhymes and games!

P.E. Kit -Tuesdays and Thursdays

Please can I ask that children have a T – shirt ,shorts/leggings and trainers to change in to on Tuesdays and Thursdays? 🏃‍♂️We will be going outside for P.E. in the good weather.🌞 It’s more comfortable changing back in to school clothes if they get a bit hot and sweaty at P.E. Thank you in advance.😎

Leaf art

P3/4 worked with Mrs Laird this afternoon. We watched a film about the Caledonian forest, observed some leaves and tried to identify which tree they were from. Finally we looked carefully at our leaf to draw its shape, used various line patterns to fill sections and then used oil pastels to try to create dark to light shades. They look amazing!

Tree Planting

This morning we went up to Craigmonie Woods to plant trees with volunteers from the Woodland Trust.We planted hazel and black thorn saplings.We also found a big hole which might belong to a badger!We had to put our saplings in a hole,put compost round them push the compost down and finally put a screen over the sapling,so deer won’t eat them.On the way back we had a quick visit to the “punching tree.”

Children’s rights

Today we watched an assembly on the Smartboard about children’s rights. We had to choose from 11 of these the” super 6 “,which we thought were the most important to us as a class.These are going to help towards making a “Playground Charter.”

We discussed the rights in pairs and decided which to vote for.Mrs James put tally marks beside those each pair voted for on the whiteboard. We also have a poster up in our classroom about children’s rights.