Reading time

Yesterday some of the class were doing a solo and paired read of ” A Monster of a hamster”. They give each other 2 stars-2 good things about each other’s reading and a wish-1 thing they’d like their partner to do more of or improve.

P.E. days

P.E. will be with Mr McAndrew, from Glenurquhart High School on Tuesdays for the class as well as on Thursdays with myself. We will try to have the class outside as much as possible for this. We will also be doing outdoor learning at least once a week.

Normally the children will just get changed in to shorts and can wear their school polo shirt or other shirt with them as well as outdoor shoes for when we go outside.

If your child/children could please have a waterproof jacket, suitable footwear and a pair of leggings/jogging bottoms to keep them warm in rainy/windy weather. Thank you!