P3/4 Easter cards.

P3/4 made some lovely Easter cards for the Glenurquhart Care Centre on Tuesday.

They were all very colourful, unique and lots of staff at school were admiring them! I wish all of P3/4 a good holiday and hope the Easter bunny is good to you all!

Outdoor Maths

Today we did some Maths outside in the playground.

We got some natural materials and playground materials to make our 4x tables. We made 4 sets of 2 or 4×2 etc.

Then we went round a chalk circle in our groups and when someone in the group said,”stop!”we took it in turns and at the nearest number to our foot multiplied it by 4.

After this we collected materials and practised sharing or dividing the materials by 4 or by 3.We sometimes had reminders too.


On Tuesday I read the story “Supertato”to the class because we were thinking about who our hero is,what is a hero and qualities a hero has.

Lots of children said Mum/Dad/Uncle/Doctors/Firefighters were their example of who a hero is.Well done to you all!

We made model “Supertatoes” which will be flying home to see you tomorrow!


Thank you very much to all parents who have returned profiles blue jotters and red folders and your comments.

I know how busy this time of year is and finding time to do things.

Please can you return these by bythis Friday 18 December. Thank you.